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    It is a new type of foam plastic with a three-dimensional grid structure with porosity of up to 99%, as a new kind of material with low density, flame retardant, fire protection, sound absorption, hea

    Flame retardant Heat insulation Noise reduction
    lightweight Wipe away Physical

    Product features:

    It is a kind of soft foam which is made of thermosetting melamine resin. It has a three-dimensional hexagonal open structure. Therefore, it has self-extinguishing and superior heat insulation and sound absorption. In addition, its opening structure determines its light weight and can maintain its inherent physical and chemical properties within the wide range of high and low temperature. Due to its excellent sound absorption and heat insulation, it is used in various construction projects. At the same time, it is widely used in the field of automobile, train and airplane.

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    It is one of the best and most versatile textile processing AIDS to be obtained from the reaction of melamine and formaldehyde.

    Narrow distribution Membranous Highly reactive
    Elasticity Compatible Heat-and-cold

    Product features:

    1. Good storage stability and cool ventilation for 3 months; 2. Good solubility, but any proportion dissolves in water; 3. Use good sex and can be used with most textile AIDS; 4. Stable bath groove; 5. Low residual methanol after processing, no fishy smell; 6. The appearance of non-toxic surface resin after processing is highly elastic and high hardness; 7. After processing, the machine has excellent mechanical processing performance. It is not discolored by heat treatment


melamine foamed plastic

Is a kind of opening rate is as high as 99% or more of the three dimensional grid structure is a new type of foam, as a kind of low density, flame retardant, fire prevention, sound-absorbing, heat pre.. MORE+


modified melamine resin

It is one of the best and most versatile textile processing AIDS to be obtained from the reaction of melamine and formaldehyde. , has been widely and widely used in textile industry, such as used in w.. MORE+

  1. Melamine foam

  2. Modified melamine resin

Widely used in: Civil, industrial, construction, transportation, aviation, military, daily chemical, electronic information and other fields


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